Mark Tenney
September 3, 2015

Knowing Your Termination Month

Scentsy has a policy to help you stay active in your business and that is to place an order of $150 every third month. This policy is designed to help you engage your business and keep up with catalog changes, incentives  and customers that you take care of. As you do small things to work your business, your business will grow. Sometimes the 150 policy gets confusing, so we wanted to help clear the air. Here is an example of how you know when to make sure you have your 150 in.

If you sold $150 PRV in MARCH and you don’t sell anything in April or May, in  JUNE you have to place your next $150. It is not $50 in April, $50 in May and $50 in June. The 150 PRV must be collected and placed as an order in one month.

As our party policy has changed, you may want to shoot for $200 in orders. This is allow you to still qualify for free shipping and host rewards for yourself.

My encouragement to you is to place a party order every month. The more engaged you are the stronger your business will be. Each month you can check your progress in the performance tab of your workstation. If you are following up with your recruits, simply run a report and look down the will term row. This will let you know where your group stands monthly.