Mark Tenney
February 16, 2016

6 Ways to get Active in February

get active

1. 10% OFF MONTH– Do you know it is currently 10% off month? Yes, that is right, almost everything in our catalog during the month of February is 10% off! Your favorite customers who love to stock up on wax won’t want to miss this! Since a 6 pack of wax is also 10% off this month, they can get their favorite bars for $3.75 verses the normal $5.00! What a great way to stock up for less! Use your old order forms, your workstation and things like facebook to connect with people who are wax lovers! And yes, the wax is GREAT! But our laundry line is AMAZING and it is also 10% off, a great month to try it out! If you have someone who has been eyeballing the diffusers, they are ALSO 10% off!!! Make sure you let your customers know!

2. Out with the Old– This is the last month to order off the Fall/ Winter catalog. As enticing as the 10% off is, people are even more excited to get their favorites that are being retired. An easy way to make this month successful is to share on facebook, through text and through e-mail your favorite things that are leaving! For instance, I love Jet Set Go laundry! I am SUPER bummed it is being retired so I told a few friends and facebook and I have a several extra orders to add to parties! Use your favorite products to your advantage! Share about them and your friends will want to grab them before they go away!

3. $150– In order to stay active you need to sell $150 in product every three months. I can promise you, it is not that hard if you just try a little each day.  In order to $150 in a 10% off month is best done with a focus!  Set a goal to sell 7 six packs of wax! 7 people, 7 orders will put you over your $150! Want free shipping? Up that number to 9 six packs! Then you can collect the host rewards and treat yourself to something extra!

4. Use you PWS– Advertise your PWS! Do you know that your PWS works for you? Share links to your website, tell them about the 10% off sale, direct them to your closeout section! You have a Personal Website to add value to your business, take advantage of that and SHARE!

5. PARTY– With 13 days left in the month get a basket party or two out there!  Basket parties are like little sales people that work for you for FREE! Gather up all the mini testers or just a few handfuls, throw in some catalogs, add some order forms, share a bar or two, and make it personal.  Ask a friend to take one to work for you. I can promise you this, you aren’t out anything. By getting your product out there your business will grow on it’s own, you just have to do the leg work. Make it a goal to get those testers out now and close before the end of the month!

6. Last Chance First Glance– Set yourself up with a last chance first glance party! Last chance to order from the old catalog and first glance at the new one! <3 Your goal is to do these at the very end of the month. It allows you to max out on the current catalog and set you up for a solid spring launch. Use facebook, home parties or basket parties to make this work for you! If you haven’t ordered scents or catalogs, ask for some help! When you are prepared, you will be more successful.

No matter what number you choose to focus on, we want you to stay! We are walking into an incredible new catalog, a summer incentive which will lead us into a GREAT fall! We want you to stay, so let us know how we can help!